J. ColeWe On

Hey It's Cole, Cole World*
Yeah, turn me up nigga
Hey hey

[Verse 1:]
Ay nigga I'm the best, man!
As if my best-friend was getting married
Even with my eyes close I'm somthin like a visionary
Paint you a perfect picture nigga this is pictionary
Man they gon' have to put my picture in the dictionary
Right next to real then put your picture next to fictionary
Claimin you trill but you all bitches, all ya'll niggas scary
Don't try to hide from it, oh boy we see you
Claim you gon' ride, oh no we don't believe you
Help wanted, Classified, you need more people
Hatin mind I pray to sign aye we are no equal
My life is like a movie, you like 3 or 4 preveiws
This the city where they glad to see your soul leave You
Ya body laid back like neil so evil
Uh Cole World baby, 3 below zero
Get ya life snatch and ya vehicle repo
I bring it to ya live you goin see it no T-Vo

And We On, We On, We On, We On
(Nigga, cole world, cole world nigga, hey world)

[Verse 2:]
Look man I'm tryin count money like a CFO you see us hoe
Doin shows with hoes, speakin languages that we don't know
Look here man if love was blind and these bitches can't see no more
They fuckin with ya boy like a pedafile then she wan go
Then She gon' go and we goin roll cause J. Cole got a mean oh flow
I looked up to some niggas but they ain't fuckin with no more
Chip on my shoulder like I just left the casino Oh
Nigga I been broke so don't hate me cause you don't see no dough,
Hip-hop was like Santa Clause cause nobody believe me no more
And then I came around now nigga Watch me paint the town
Lil black, lil brown, lil white, we a mess
This is Carolina reppin, you can check-in be our guest
Me, I'm blessed, shout to Khaled while I'm hollin We Da Best
All these corny rap niggas tryna be my BFF
Nigga please go head with that old bullshit you rhymin
See this that good music so we ain't got shit in common nigga

We On, We On, We On,
Mannn We On, We On, We On,
Hey We On,
Mann We On, Hey
(Nigga, cole world, cole world nigga)