Factory Of DreamsAngel Tears

She is watching the World
Trying to understand it all
Channelling thoughts
Into a battle of emotions
Exploding sensations
The new Era is in motion

All her life
She dreamt of the Stars
All her life
She wished to travel afar
All her life
She lived in a restless way
All her life
She longed for this Day

The sense of mystery
Kept her flame burning
But as she grew up
Life left her yearning

Kyra I wanna be with you
Kyra please let me through
Kyra share your dream with me
Kyra the Star for us to see
Kyra don't shut me out
Kyra I wanna see your World
Kyra so much to be told

A humanist above all
The World failed on her
And I long for her caress
So I live in distress

Kyra your dreamWorld
Is now the real World
Take me to this new sensation
Where Sound is our salvation

From young age
She dreamt of a place
And as we grew closer
I was pushed into her fate

As we drive away from the city
A teardrop falls from her Face
Reflecting all the pity
Swallowed without a Trace

Kyra! Kyra!

'As we drive away from the collapsing city
A teardrop falls from Kyra's face
Reflecting the destruction behind
We can sense and feel real danger
As the Interholo Portal
Connected to our minds
Transmits the news
Of the Pulsar rain.
We travelled several miles
Our car broke down
We can see a seashore ahead
Calling us…
Kyra, show me who you really are!
Share your mind with me'