E Town ConcreteNothanx

Stay focused son and it will be all right
Although I must admit life is trite
But that's all right

Keep moving on and
Try to keep your mind occupied
No sense in stressing, though it hurt
Memories won't die

A tear falls under a blood red sky
Close your eyes, if you want to die
True people represent
When times get difficult

Think about who's looking out
No you can't tell me no
I grab what I can't have, I take
I don't need your help, I knew it

I saw that shit way back when
Things were different then
All the promises and such and such
I didn't know much, you thought

I don't need your help, I help myself kid
Life was never easy
On my mom Duke's, raising up two youths
With no loot and no future to boot
But she got it done with out help of anyone
She got it done