B-realMen of Steel

Ice Cube
I'm sick wit' it but it'll still take ten of y'all
to take the Emperor's temperature
Can I represent wit' ya?
Smokin' hemp wit' ya
Pass the blunt from East to West
Cube to KRS (yes)
Take it from the Don
where I'm from the Man of Steel is made of Teflon
Keep yo' vest on
hit me with yo' best one baby
& watch me mack you
comin' through with hard *** & Shaq-Fu
Never up in Spago's when we knock hoes
head her off with some Reeboks and cagos
Westside rollin' even if the car's stolen
even if my eyes shut & jaw swollen
that's how it's goin' down
You always smile when I frown
'cause you want the crown
you fuckin' clown
I keep it real no more beef with Cypress Hill
now we super friends makin' super ends

It's a fact many know that Shaq made of mils
but did you know that Shaq made of Steel
Feel me!
No matter what I do the billy it's gone flourish
Big **** just like a bus full of Japanese tourists
or it's styles that flow like Hudson River debris
ship quarter keys of them Shaq CD's Roo roo
Next MC that claim to keep it real
Shaquille gone slap 'em with a mil
criss cut clean numerical order bills
ill, now put it on the wrist
the best thing since grits & fake tits
Man Of Steel who you with?
I'm so fly when I walk I levitate
my caliber's first rate
exceptional above great
Diesel's large, guilty on every charge
of bein' dope imagine Superman with a dookey rope

1 2 3 4 Hit it
It's the Men Of Steel bangin' with the drum Hit it
4 3 2 1
Shaq B Real KRS Peter Gunz (Ice Cube)
1 2 3 4 Hit it
It's the Men Of Steel bangin' with the drum Hit it
4 3 2 1
Shaq B Real

Hip hop has plenty of Steel
with Shaquille & Chris & Real
nobody move stay still while the Masters build the Track
react the foundation hip-hop *** generation
hear my voice playin' at the station
Immortal thought for the recorder
consider the picture deliver the scripture still hit ya
If the shoe fits ya wear it
you'll inherit the culture
let me break down the whole structure
East Coast West Coast universal flava
pullin' together with my neighbor no playa haters
just real no outrageous fantasies
jump out the pages from the book of MC's
& nothin' can penetrate the Steel mind state
like Shaq when he go back & dominate

Aiiyo I stop many hearts
part many wigs
*** & get it twisted &
play me for any pig
Conceived in the Bronx
born & raised but on the real
I be made of Steel like O' Neal
feel me if ya got the skill
squeeze pale **** cause disaster
have you makin' Tracks like Master
faster ghost like Casper
Man Of Steel hangin' & bangin' in yo' district
never get it twisted I'm lifted, gifted
like Steel hard to penetrate
generate dollar signs you follow mine
Come in peace money I will bless that
bring the noise leave you on the Fourth
where I rest at For real

1 2 3 4 Hit it
It's the Men Of Steel bangin' with the drum Hit it
4 3 2 1
Hip-Hop's the same no matter where you came from
Men Of Steel throw ya hands up

That's the sound of EMS
after some boy try test the KRS
Pick a single any single
what I bring you makes you tingle
it's the lingo from the star like Ringo
& I mingle in the clubs
DJ's MC's get rug cut like shrubs
over the dub sound buzz
No one's really knowin'
how I'm comin' & goin' showin' & flowin' cold
throwin' these rappers chasin' the dough
& out the frame my name remains the same
I came to maintain
Hip-Hop's the same no matter where you came from
It's all the same son get it correct
all that metal to pleather whatever
Give me respect!
Then I'll collect a check & you can expect
something you'll never forget
comin' from my intellect
Oh what the heck
lyrical flex cash checks
I step through the brush like a Tyrannosaurus Rex
KRS-One is the nicest
Shaquille O'Neal definitely from Men Of Steel
You know how we feel
comin' through like that on the track
KRS-One & we back (oooh oooooh)

1 2 3 4 Hit it
It's the Men Of Steel bangin' with the drum Hit it
4 3 2 1
Shaq B Real KRS Peter Gunz (Ice Cube)

Throw ya hands up what up now (It don't stop)
South Bronx represent that, Brooklyn represent that
(It don''t stop)(It don't stop)
(Huh, What about South Central? Ha ha haa