CMoney By The Ton

Featuring Mississippi]
If you've got a ton of big face hundred dollar bills
How much
money would you have?
And every hundred dollar bill weigh a gram
and there's 28 grams
in an ounce and there's 16 ounces in a pound
How many pounds is it in a ton?
Got to be
about your uhh, uhh, uhh
Verse One: C-Bo
I slide thru, the 5-double 0 drop S-C

'97 Sport and shorts and matchin jew-els
Worth about a quarter, mil-ticket is how we dress

True ballers fakin meal tickets up in the West
I know you wanna touch us cos at the
clubs you ladies rush us
cos we're all about our cash, luxury livin and hoes love it

Havin money by the ton, Rolex and Bossalini
A nuchi give Versace cologne, now wanna see me

at my best or worst? I gets paper when I burst
repeatedly, heated, dumpin low-low's,
you know I'll burst
To get my cash on, I spin the A-1 dolla
For money by the ton, come
get it with no soda
Chorus: Mississippi
Money by the ton, that's the way it comes

We all, get paid
Ooohhhh ooohhhh, we make
money by the ton, that's the way it
We all, get paid
Verse Two: C-Bo
I'm all about the
paper, nothin can come between that
but Lexus, fully diamondback, ???? and bald caps

Holler "Thug", that's what we be, who you see?
Steepin out of ragboys, cornises and Bentleys

Six million dollar homes, we stays to the flow
Now how much cash can you stack in a
twenty thousand pound boat?
It's money by the tons, fo' sho' homey and all hunds
if ya get past the gate, cameras and pitbulls, you can have some
Flossin, no one flosses like
bosses do
but caution, when they float cos the wrong step, bodyguards swoop
to protect
those, diamond Rolexos
Sippin that XO on chromed-up leaky's and Lexo's
I put it down,
pound for pound, surrounded by the millions
Fancy cars, movie stars tryin to make a billion

Come show them my cash bundle, you are a pocket
addicted to money, they can't stop it,
it's daily comin by the ton
Verse Three: C-Bo
Now how you picture mad
loot, stretch Rolls and rag Coupes?
Big faces laced, I want all my dollars brand new
stand true to the game, on loot to the money train
Rolex's and diamond rings, big bodies with
the blowed brains
I bring the pain to get the cash like Jesse James
Til the wild wild
West is drained by Major Pain
Who got the loot? Big bodied Coupes and S-Classes
when we swoop, kickin the loot or catchin casket
Load up the rigs, with crazy big-faced hunds

Headed for the drug, still weighin it by the ton
Cos money makes the world go round,
stackin off-shore accounts
Waitin on the ?????
So be a baller, got to keep it on the
Milli'ns by the hundred, transactions thru account numbers
More money than you
ever seen in big faced hunds
Comin in a hundred and twenty million every ton