VanityWolves In My House

You sell me out.
I'll wipe you out.

Ears and eyes on the back of my head,
Treacherous words are constantly said,
Can I see heaven when I'm living in hell?
The wolves' in my house, I'll kill them myself.

You know no boundaries, no lines to cross,
No limit to reach, no feelings of loss,
No point of reason and lack of empathy,
You continue to absorb this, leaving it empty,

I'd really like to think you'd eventually get what you deserve,
But I've learnt that you can't really rely on fate or karma to work,
Disregard any unity for it's a struggle for power,

Don't call this 'family' to me its just squabble amongst cowards.

Not concerned if I spill the blood of a thousand feuds,
I'll spit malice in their faces for a point to prove,
The providence that many would ever fear to show,
I will grab and cut the fork-tongue out of your motherfucking throat.