A Cloud ForestThe Dark Wings Of Hate

The dark puts hate before me
And I feel its waves envelop me
You are the cause; you are the trigger
You are the crux for what I've come to be
Actions speak without a sound
You planted this seed inside of me
Now it's grown and in darknes,
my soul it drowns.
-This is a call to war-
The dark wings of hate wrap around me
And I'll embrace this pain
And as long as you breath
This world it is diseased
You are a cancer - a plague
Erradication - it is your only fate
And someday I will see you again
and give you back every ounce of pain
That you put on to me
And I won't need four horsemen
Only these eight limbs
to destroy you any way that I see fit
Time it passes and people change
But what you've done continues to remain
For every action, a consequence
Suffer the wrath of my vengence
Time it passes and I continue to remain
For every action you will feel my pain