J. ColeThe Reasons

[Intro: J Cole.]
Yeah yeah yeah. Therapist, uh yeah, check it yo. What's the reasons? Yeah, hey, yo listen. Not yet, yeah yeah. Fayettnam forever, listen yo yo yo hey

[Verse 1: J Cole}
I lean back like the incense and relax
Well try to relax, but gotta be ready to react
To anything, many things, anyone
When it comes to drama i done seen plenty dawg ain't even 21
Remember counting pennies up as a bright kid
Now I'm dreaming to put my mother up in a nice crib
But we all on this wild goose chase for big checks
You hate and disrespect, and I ain't even rich yet
Imagine when I'll be there, beware
For these nigga's that so broke, that there's no hope for repair
And prepare for these stares, iced grills don't ever be scared
They breathe air just like you, gotta see clear cause
Money will blind you shit in front of your eyes
You will see it all, until you ain't breathing dawg
Cause then it's too late, i must say, im trying to stay on earth
I pray to god, he told me "Yo you gotta stay alert to stay alive"

Yo you best believe we out here grinding motherfuckers
This ain't no joke, save the party and bullshit for later
Right now we trying to make this paper
Chicago PA, DT, BA, Maryland and DC
Niggas out here trying to hussle and all terrains gonna eat