Kendrick LamarBET BackRoom Freestyle

[Verse 1]
When I jumped off the porch I was forced into last resorts of a typical short
And of course when that took it's course -- hoarse when yelling out
Demons that fought inside of me taught society how to rejoice
Killers on side of me, privacy obviously was lost
For a piracy of the streets and my Odyssey
Caught a bullet that probably destroyed...
A good kid in a mad city, slightly annoyed
I walk down the street with no heat and run into beef when I'm just a vegan
Reeking the scent of a saint, sinners smell it then start squeezing
Pellets tumbling straight at my melon, apparent reason...
Because my cousin's cuzzin a Blood
That was Blooding in public and Kendrick seen with him last weekend, cousin
But you ain't no kin to me, probably Kendrick I'm Kennedy
Assassinate my character, shoot as your remedy
Fair enough I got enemies but I don't bang
But that's the repercussion like when your cousin's cousin a blood
And you're by yourself at the Compton parade
Good Kid
M.A.A.D City
Life or death
Is you with me?