Factory Of DreamsSound War

As the dark season
Ravages the land and skies
We decide to resume our journey
In an attempt to flea
The darkest depression'

This is a doomed society
A dense jungle of hypocrites
Never stopping to think
About their actions
The World has gone insane

Lost and hollow souls
Clapping their hands
For no reason at all
Thanking a God
For their misfortunes
Invoking a God
To justify their wars
And so we suffer
And so we fall into the Abyss

Demons in my mind
Hidden inside
Marching to the song
I've got to be strong

As we travel downhill
To the mysterious structure
My dreams are shattered
Overruled by nightmares

Suddenly from the east
We hear the sweetest melody
Soon to morph into
The powerful symphony of war
The battle of Sounds
Crashing within the clouds

The land rumbles
The skies ROAR!

Demons in my mind
Slowly dying inside
As the bright song prevails
And the new season hails!