2 ChainzFlexin' On My Baby Mama

[Intro: 2 Chainz]
I said I take care of my kids but I'm flexin' on my baby mama
I'm like "Damn, I shoulda wore a condom!"
Boom! Boom! Boom!

[2 Chainz]
My shoes sold out in one day, pull out the blueprint, bumpin' that Gunplay
In a Maybach, pockets stay fat, so fly, I could parallel park on a fuckin' runway
Goin' down a one way the wrong way (tell 'em) shoot barrel long range (BOW!)
Swag like pro ball, gave her a ring, phone call (damn!)
Money talk, pole vault, walked in, drove off
So comfortable at the dealership, I don't take my robe off
I wake up and I get to it, breakfast time I might sea food it
Lunchtime I might lamb chop it and you do is talk shit like you was eatin' booty
Southside in my bloodstream, smokin' on that propane
I could tell ya ass one thing, I like gettin' head wearing both chains
All white with no stains, I been trappin' fore the Grammy nods
I been countin' money so long, I'ma need a damn hand massage (tru!)
So many cars, I can barely park (ERT!)
So many cars, I need another damn garage (ERT~!)
I'm famous with my fam around, damn I wish I had my dad around
Gave a nigga a Lamborghini so that's a motherfuckin' lamb-me-down (ugh!)

[Chorus 2X: 2 Chainz]
Watch how I'ma kill em for the summer (watch how I kill 'em)
Watch how I'ma kill em for the summer (watch how I kill 'em)
I'm just flexin' on my baby mama (I'm just flexin', I'm just flexin')
I'm just flexin' on my baby mama (I'm just flexin', I'm just flexin')

[2 Chainz]
Aye, European style my dress code, gunshots in the Club Echo (Echo)
Walk around with a .36 with six shots in my .38 Special
Black car, black Timbs, Bank of America back then
She tryna tell me her life story, and all I want is a lap dance
+Good Times+, smokin' J's, rockin' J's, I'm the rap Ernie Barnes (Ernie Barnes)
If I paint a canvas it'd be melee, firearms
Viacom, maricon, if she bad I invite her home
Buyin' chains like I'm buyin' homes; rims taller than Kevin Hart, +Ride Along+
Them rhinestones, you ain't shinin', nigga; I ain't hidin' so you ain't gotta find me, nigga
All my clothes are designer, nigga; and my back seat recliner nigga
Came in rockin' all gold and I'm fuckin' all y'all hoes
Smokin' on that Lee Haney, sippin' on that hard boiled
This that get back - click clack, get back
Smokin' on raw paper, this ain't zig zags
Snakeskin wallpaper, rose gold chandelier
I'm lookin' for a baby eater, can I get a volunteer?

[Chorus] + [Intro]