Baader MeinhofThere's Gonna Be an Accident

Come on Eva take my hand
She could break the whole damn gang
I was walking around like a crazed cop
With a head full of intent
There's gonna be an accident
Tuesday to Saturday
Money's all but spent
Maybe Friday rob a bank
I remember driving around
In your big black car
It's not a BMW or a company car
There's gonna be an accident

Do you remember Petra Schelm
She was nineteen when she was gunned down
I remember when I was sixteen
The acid was tinged with red
Fire magic in my head
Walking around with heavy manners
You're going home in a f****** ambulance
There's gonna be an accident
Follow me down
Down on the escalator
Department stores, friends like yours
Your gonna get it sooner or later

I was lying in the back seat of the car
Thinking this time we've gone too far
When we thought we were
Smart in a government shop
Talking 'bout mace and the Eastern bloc
There's gonna be an accident
Riding around on vodka and aspirin
Your gonna end up in casualty
There's gonna be an accident