Calvin HarrisClouds (feat. )

[Verse 1]
My flow is nasty like tofu
Have you sitting on clouds like a young Goku
Dope niggas locked out four year rap trotted
The sun is now gone
See dark clouds coming out
Boozy Brandy and Bacardi Beverages

But something was always missing like 6Dz
I step through the stomach
Replace the baby with some looking pounds
You shouldn't look back to the past in fact just look up in the clouds
But five years from now I bet she see

[Verse 2]
Ripping holes in clouds as my altitude diminishes
How I do it thinking I'm new to this
In the clouds where I sit off another spliff
Vicious viscous clouds your flow
Victory is my impulse


One look at the clouds
Do you see me?
Addicted to the hobby of making rap writings

No dark clouds
Just silver linings