VahrzawActa Non Verba

Music & arrangement: Williams
Lyrics: Van Doorn

He ambles across the lifeless hardpan
Sunburnt hands propped upon gun-belts
Sandblasted eyes set sight on the soil
He squints and spits onto the bone-dry earth

Spurs strike silt as he strolls into town
Doors and windows shut up tight
A curtain sways in the corner of his eye
Plate glass splinters with his bullet's bite

Thunderous cries roar from buildings
Citizens stream out, brass cases take flight
Round after round hammers through the small town
With feet stuck like glue, every man he outdrew

Sunlight shimmers off a single gun-barrel
A smile splits his face as bodies hit earth
Pity him for his eyes are sandblasted
He ambles across the lifeless hardpan