2 Chainz feat. Lil WayneSmell Like Money

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Here I go, here I go, this that C5,
Bitch, I'm back with that crack like panty lines,
Asinine, I get blow like dandelions,
Fuck more hoes than advertised.
They say, “Tune, you're dead wrong”,
I say, “Wrong had to die.”
Pussy nigga don't keep it real no more,
Drug dealers changed but the high stay the same,
Prices go up but the high stay the same,
Gotta watch for undercovers like cryin' in the rain.
Chillin' in the crib with the lock on the door,
Layin' on the couch with the Glock on the floor
Within arm reach, security, alarm breach,
I just cut off the lights, hope I don't shoot my hoe.
I eat so much shrimp, I smoke so much hemp,
The world too small it feel like four walls,
You see, I got holes punched in,
My chances are cold cut thin, but I still took ‘em and, nigga, we made it!
T, roll that killer weed up in the swisher, and make it as fat as a pig in a blanket.
My BFF is Benjamin Franklin, they cry for, help we get ‘em a hanky,
Ain't nothing sweet but the shit that we drinkin', the bitches we bangin', the cinnamon danish,
The penalty's pendin', shit is restrainin',
It is a shame but niggas is shameless,
Niggas is assholes or enemas, finna get anal,
Injury, time out, I just blew my mind out
But still I'm maintainin'.
Real gangsta shit, it get dangerous,
You talkin' money and guns, two languages,
I throw niggas from off of the plane I'm in,
“Oh my god, it's raining men!”
Said the weatherman to the anchorman.
I send hella cash to the bank I'm with,
What you do it for if it ain't for this?
I watch my step so much, I'm startin' to feel like my ankles' wrist,
Cold-hearted, startin' to feel like I'm in Anchorage when I think of this,
And rude awakenings get taken in like fragrances.

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Bitch, I smell like money, dope man cologne,
I say, bitch, I smell like money, that's that dope man cologne,
And if he ain't gettin' money, don't love him, leave his broke ass alone,
I say if he ain't gettin' money, leave his stank ass alone.
‘Cause, bitch, I smell like money, I smell like money,
When you this rich they call it wealthy,
Shit, they gotta call it something!
Lord, I done got too rich for stuntin', damn,
But not for thuggin'.
That's right, bitch, I smell like money, money,
You smell me comin'.

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
2 Chainz!
Totin' double barrels in a horse and carriage,
Ain't scared of nothing except God and marriage.
Through the concrete grew a rose petal,
If trappin' was a sport, I'd have a gold medal,
I steal her like Jerome Bettis,
Call me Trill Cosby, I might spike my own beverage.
Parallel park in front of Neiman Marcus,
He ain't never fly nigga, like an ostrich,
They say ain't nothing for free, but, please, free my partnas,
Might have a swag contest and give out free Versaces.
Yeah, lobster rolls for an appetizer,
Bad red bitch give me a lap-etizer,
I'm in my Rolls Royce because it's black and wiser,
And don't get in the way, my nig, this rapid fire,
Brrr, stick ‘em, I'm a victim of bein' a victim!
Codeines, Xanax and liquor,
Prescriptions and couple pistols,
Got clean molly with the crystals,
Middle finger to the judicials,
Fork and a pot is my utensils,
Had a threesome with two sisters,
I get head and you kiss her,
I don't never call, and you miss her,
I got every gun except a missile,
I paid attention to the minister,
My silhouette is sinister,
Only child with trust issues,
You couldn't walk a mile in my hoop shoes,
Me and Tune, tow loose screws.
Two parts in my box cut, my pop wouldn't even pop up,
Last night I prayed to God and asked for him to make a drop truck,
Polo T and ice watch, moccasins without socks,
And I smell like money, I can count a hundred thousand with the lights off.

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
I say, bitch, I smell like money, that's that dope and cologne,
And if he ain't gettin' money, don't love him, leave his broke ass alone,
I say if he ain't gettin' money, leave his stank ass alone,
‘Cause, bitch, I smell like money.