7 Years Bad LuckLive Today

he never thinks about the past
he can't predict the future
except that of his drink

and she doesn't mind the rain drops
she gets herself some ice cream
she's the rebel of the week
so they do it twice because once is not enough
before ordering ten pizzas
to the neighbor's for a laugh

they are never getting older
they will die before their time
got a sticker on their bikes
"we're gonna live today"

he always thinks about the past
if he only was a has-been
his future's in a box
she complains about the weather
and fears she can't remember
the last time she had fun

they do not make out won't risk a heart attack
got a mortgage on the house
to feed their three boneheaded kids
and they sure are getting older
they will work till eighty-two
and there is nothing they can do

if you believe in all that shit
you're a teenage loser sucking mama's tit
until a fortune cookie hits me
like a cop car late at night, I'm gonna live today