CMoney Talks

Silkk Tha Shocker)
Money talk and uhh cash rules
I bout to get dollars so us act a
fool, now
What huh, what huh, what huh, what, yo, yo, yo, yo

(Silkk Tha
Verse: 1

I use to flip birds, now I just flip words
When cops
come to get me,
it's because some shit that they heard
Like I'm out to get dough

Like I'm out to get mo
Hacking like 6 to the 4
Like 6 double 0, like

Four, or either two doors
Money no like C to the E O
Oh I forgot like ju don't know

Like I'm out to get cream
Like fiend I just don't fuck around
Just bust around

Till niggas get the fuck out of town
I wanted the house, so I got the house
wanted the car, so I got me the car
Don't start, cause no heart is what got me this far

I the type of nigga that don't give a fuck
Just walked up and laughed at the cop

Type of nigga to go up in traffic
and start blastin the glock
Rap's still down,
C huh, pass me the rocks
I don't be playing it serious
I'm actually looked after he
It's no love, for y'all 16 bullets
Four slugs peace, ain't no bigger thugs than
me and C
So you got the mightious touch,
for all the records you sold
nope, mad fuck em got touch nigga, just went gold
I'm like a drug dealer,
I hold
nothing less than a quarter
This is my last. last year I was just testing the water

Five to the 0 4 nigga, yo that's my hood
Any fool gotta make this much
I just that

Money talk and uhh cash rules
I bout to get dollars so us act a fool, now

Get money, make money, get money,
get money, make money, get money, make money

Verse: 2

Money, money make the world spin like tops

and two glocks for the motherfuckers we suing my rocks
It's like the movies,
using uzi's wishing for peace
But instead they ducking bullets and the niggas that pull it

You reconsidered, cause I'm bitter,
dumping weapons like litter
After I blast
you motherfuckers,
and the niggas that with ya (fool)
A come up is a come up

Haters please don't run up
Or get done up at sun up, cause I never put my gun up (nigga)

Cash rules, it's like possessing my mind
I do a crime and did the time, still hustling
for mind
A bitch gotta floss, and I gotta be the boss
Fake niggas getting tossed,
cause money talks

Verse: 3

Well I'm that whompter,
Fiendy, want fetachini
cabbage to the collard greeny
Shocker clean, he se me rockin up
my dream as genies
Wanna cream me, so I had to join his tightest teamy
survivor meet the 3rd Ward Bossalinie
No such terms as let me when we all got plenty

Walking em skinny, cause I never over-looked a penny
Money talks, my whomps, whomps

The ATM, don't play with him,
his money make the dikes wanna lay with him
liquid paper spitting stones for cluckers wages
Finally, on Decatur, serving jumbos just like
a waiter
C uhh, Murder and Silkk, they pay us for our trouble
He maded that platinum
go double
That's why money talks


Aiyyo, money
talks like most bitches
Sometimes I don't no what to do with these riches
This paper,
is just like my misses
All day, fulfilling my wishes
Did ya heard me

look for money, money never look for us
C-Murder, Bossalinie of the rap industry

Fiend, Mr. Whomp Whomp, excited prices, deep yacht Jones
Silkk Tha Shocker, Vito, Da 504 Boyz

Take those
No Limit soldiers, till the world blow up by ???
ya heard me