015bLet Me Go Feat. Ryu Da Hee

The more I treat you well, the more you think less of me
If I get angry once in a while, you get angrier at me
I try to have a conversation but you jut ignore me
You never acknowledge your faults
At this rate, I think I'll go crazy
I want to just give everything up now

* I'm gonna leave you tonight, Let me go
Just looking at your face makes me want to vomit
I don't want to be unhappy anymore
I don't care if you care or not
I won't be dragged around anymore
I really hate you

You say you're the only one who's all that in the world
But that's just your thoughts
Just by being with you, I suffocate
The front and back are all blocked, like I'm talking to a wall
Why did I get to meet someone like you?
It's still not too late, I will make a new start
I'll just think that I took the wrong step one time

* Repeat

You're no~ nobody
You're no~ no~ I don't know
You're no~ nobody
Please snap out of it now
You are nothing

* Repeat (x2)

Will you please vanish from my eyes?