7 Years Bad LuckThe Better Happy Ending

Your tears are wasted
They're lacking witcheries
To turn this stone into a lively flower

Been out to catch some sympathy
Came home to fall into apathy
Just sleep it off

Care more than what is said to be wise
Except more than others think is possible
Risk more than they would think is safe
Dream more than they would think is practical
Say all the things you never dared to say
And don't take them back no more

It's just I'm awake at night
You've satisfied my needs for enemies
Why you made this stone break on a saturday?

You finally got the answer
There are no more walls to see
You never even questioned
That one day I could be just me
Let it out fill your lungs and make it happen
This life's too short for many second chances to make it right

Today we get some extra second chances
Tomorrow is the better happy ending

I couldn't take my eyes off of you back in September
I've found my answers so we can let it go
This was just everything it's all I ever wanted