Vanessa HudgensDon't Talk

Like A shooting star
Your headed by me
You touched my heart
But wona€™t set me free.
Oh boy
Youa€™ve got to be patient with me
Oh Boy
I wanna get to know you much better

Leta€™s start it out being friends for awhile
You hold my eye when I first saw ur smile.
Oh boy
This could really turn into something
Oh boy
Thata€™s why I dona€™t wanna rush it.

Dona€™t talk,
Dona€™t tell your friends, about us.
Dona€™t talk or this all will end
I promise

Be quiet, be quiet
Or I will just deny it
Be quiet (dona€™t talk), ssshh
Keep it between us.

I'm going out, with a bunch of my friends
You can meet up with us at quarter to ten
Oh Boy
Dona€™t act like therea€™s something between us
Oh boy
From now on, leta€™s keep it a secret

Dona€™t talk
Dona€™t tell your friend, about us
Dona€™t talk or this will end
I promise

Be quiet, be quiet
Or I will just deny it
Be quiet, (dona€™t talk) SSHH
Keep it between us

I know it feel that this is real
But I need sometime to see
If ur gonna be the one for me
From now leta€™s just keep it hush
Leta€™s keep it between us

This is the real reason
I dona€™t really care
Cuz people likes to talk, people like to stare
Just one thing I guess, just one thing I dona€™t know
So when it comes to us, baby keep your mouth closed

So dona€™t talk
(Dona€™t talk, dona€™t tell ur friend)
Oh dona€™t tell (ABOUT US)
oh dona€™t tell oh no.
(i promise) I promise
Be quiet be quiet ...oh hey
Or I will just deny it
be quiet,
Dona€™t talk (ssh)

(keep it between us) ohooo, between us
(dona€™t talk, dona€˜t tell ur friends), yeah yeah (about us)
(dona€™t talk) dona€™t talk dona€™t talk (I promise)
Be Quiet, be quiet, or I just deny it
Be quiet.
Dona€™t talk, (ssh)
Keep it between us.

Keep ur mouth closed