V.i.s.-voxWhat's the look of eternity?

When I'll die bring me roses
Red and sad like those opposing
That my love will burn forever
Bringing every piece of me
To love you the way I wanted…

The phiz of yours in the darkness
The look of yours in the dawn
The mist has fallen in between
The mist has darkened waves of love…

When I'll die I'd like to see
When I'll die I'd like hear
When I'll die I'd like to feel
So that there's not any fear

What's the look of eternity
Without you, you and me?

And when the time that sets is spreading( fis,b)
Wingless angel stands serene
And everything is so un true ( d, a)
And everything is so inapt
Except the day… when they started (B♭, Gis, G)

Our rivers run together ( fis, b)
Our rivers join together
In blissful ocean of harmony( d, a)
That brought peace so that I,
Love you like I always should( B flat, Gis, G)

Now that there is not any need ( fis, b)
For me from far away to see
Now that there is not any need ( fis, b)
In other time for me to be

This is a beautiful eternity
The times with you and me
( Dis, g, c, Gis)