J. ColeSerenade

whoever thought a carolina nigga would've been the greatest

we strong cause the hard times made us into men

Hold up I gotta say that shit again

I said the hard times made us into men

See a man gonna stand with the world as a weight but the boy gon break only so much he could take

See I traveled outta state and I ain't (?) told my momma i'd be back when i had a million sold

Million flows million stories I done told

shed tears when they cut me from the team couldn't wait till next year

Then I told the best player look "though I ain't as tall as ya'll niggas next year Ima be better then all ya niggas"

Ay this is for the Ville shout to all ya niggas I pray you never pass like them ballhog niggas

And at all cost nigga ima shine they gon remember my name like it's tatted on they mind Jcole Jcole

Ay fresher then a day old newborn bitches blowing kisses that's the same hoes that you on

I knew her back in highschool but her she failed college she blew me like she blew a nail polish

That's knowledge if I ever seen it say Ima call her but don't ever mean it

see Im preoccupied watch how my style could rise

She want the time and that's just something I could not provide

cause time is money and ah I ain't no dummy and I trying get payed man I gotta stay brave atlanta

I let your missus hit me I ain't talking davind banner Aint a planner

So if it's random then it's naturally name a motherfucker out here matching me.

Nigga im feeling good, Nigga im feeling good, Nigga Im feeling good(yea!), Nigga im feeling good, Nigga im feeling good(watch!)