E-dubble & 27 LightsSee Me When You See Me

[Verse 1: e-dubble]
Hey yo, 1996 was different
Lost B.I.G. and shit we miss him
We need it back, we need the tracks
We need the rap to bridge the gap that exists
[?] said he cursed too much
Well I still cop those CD's
FYI, FYE, ain't really got shit on me though
Yo, till I blow like C4
Never wanna be a star or a hero
Got a lot of soul, so i never fold
Field goals like I'm playing in the league though
Yo, see gold through the peephole
Pay bills, no more repo
We hit them J's just the same way that you hit your free throws

[Verse 2: 27 Lights]
96 was live, you can catch me in my whip
With a CD from the time when the music was the shit
I bet 100 on myself, so a 100's in my pocket
I'm going to the store and you know just what I'm coppin'

[Hook: e-dubble]
I been at it for a minute, and all my people know it
The years can take their toll, but shit it makes for better poems
So I'm trying to paint these pictures
These pictures get me lifted
They take me to a place where I embrace my inhibition
It goes, backseat windows up
Smoked out, boxed up
Two toned, two cups
(See me when you see me)
I got, one chance one life
We roll, no dice
We sold, no hype
(See me when you see me)

[Post-hook: e-dubble]
Give me a minute
So I can make a decision
I said, give me a minute
So I can make a decision

[Verse 3: e-dubble]
Hey uh, hey yo I never play the wrong songs
When I'm in the right mood
Catch me feeding that juke
While the barbers all choose
I got 100 in my pocket, the musics never stopping
Even when they shut us down we got, plenty other options


[Bridge: e-dubble]
I said, give me a minute so I can make a decision
I've got a beat with a bounce, and some lyrics for vision
You can call this the hook, you can this the chorus
I've got a feeling you're with me so turn it up if you're for it