A Scent Like WolvesGame Changer

Breathe in with this paper lung, the life you seek has just begun. It will collapse before rock bottom. The lines you repeat have made you weak. This war you believe in shows defeat.

Woah, and now your problems are mine. You've stepped in my life, it's a waste of my time. Your intentions were bold and mine are pure gold. Take two steps back and watch it unfold.

Oh I know you've closed your eyes. You stumble around in the back of your mind. Come inside for the fuck of your life. I leave you thinking that you're one of a kind.

This is your war now (That you're one of a kind).

I wasn't made to help your addictions. I wasn't made to give you a glimpse of what you're not. I wasn't made to hold me to my actions, but at the end of the day it looks like I'm all that you've got.

You know you're one of a… you know you're one of a kind!

That you're one of a kind.