7 Years Bad LuckLost & Found

We've finally found our way
So tired of cloudy days we said goodbye to this
I was praying to
Ever see it through
Lost like a ship heading for the plainest sea
On this autumn's day
I was out of town
So lost in sound

We put it down so deep and hid it under lock and key
A well-kept secret only keeps you well when all is said and done
So we talked all through Camden
Before the last sunray was dead and gone
And left us on our own
We were lost and found
In the same new town

Take me out of this place there's nothing left to fight
Make the lights ease on the threshold of a darker night
Go kill the hopes of those who're waiting for the setting sun
Before the hints of daylight we'll be gone

Lost in the open ocean
Found in a crowded room
Don't lock me in from the outside no more

It was finally time to turn the page
A new day a new fate
It was finally time to turn the page
Without it

So we keep burying our souls
Down in the deepest grounds