Baba BrinkmanInduction

These riddles I write
In the middle of the night
Got me livin' alive
With a little bit of spice
I'm not a literal type
So I consider it wise
To deliver the hype
In a critical light
And minimalize
The subliminal - psyche!
If I'm winnin' the fight
And beginnin' to thrive
It's 'cause I'm not liftin' the mic
And grippin' it tight
To be given a prize
Or fixin' my sight
On a visible height
To legitimatize
My difficult plight
'Cause if I did then I might
Just limit the size
Of my physical flight
And get cynical, right?
Let the pinnacle rise
'Til the minute is ripe
I'll give it a nice
Welcome when it arrives
At the end of my life
When my differences, like
Reciprocal sides
At the edge of the knife
Together unite