A Static LullabyThe Collision

In motion she swipes past your face
With a blur that bleeds into one

Embellish her with beauty and
Embellish her with sight and sound

The stylish way to make someone
You love hit the ground

She swept me off my feet this time
She swept me off my feet this time

Pray, says the needle to the thread
This is the perfect sound
And where we both collide
Pray, says the choir to the symphony
Strike up the sound
That's running through our veins

Like martyrs who take their lives
In the sacrifice for the ones that they love

I'm vulnerable, I'm spread out
And I'm facing the blade

Until our curves they melt into one
Until our curves they melt into one

I have to make these words
Carry after I'm gone

Her pictures line upon the shelf
The portrait smiles back around
If I held her up to the light
What would I find out about
So reveals the secrets
Of my vixen in the scarlet dress
A life comes full circle

I guess we lost the war
They said we'd last forever
When we both.. we both collide
In silhouettes they see themselves
Like floating sheets from which they laid
The ghost shape takes form from who we are