Valley Of ChromeBreaking the Barriers of Frustration

Today I will turn 24, it's the 5th of july
The mood is melancholic and I don't know the reason why
And I feel like these walls are closing in
I ask why the lines I've drawn are getting thin

I feel it down below, the pull of gravity
Is it my time to go, challenging my sanity

We could run away confront or cry an endless rain
None could cleanse me of my sins my dirt is to be drained
This will be the last time they'll use and rape my soul
These voices inside they hide now way beyond control
To be mature is to be more aware and my innocence has died
The ones that I have idolized are those who gave me lies
And I cannot see the light of day
And my world of color has turned to gray

My hands are trembling I am desperate all of you I hold so close
There is beauty beneath the carcasses and of ghosts we fear the most

In question if I'm capable to live through all of this
Or my apathy's gotten the best of me a pathetic state of bliss
I have to move on despite the fact it's only dignity I own
When kindness is mocked degraded love is obsolete unknown

I was uncertain to move forward and regretful to look back
Swimming in a sea of my mistakes it was faith in myself I lacked
No matter how many times I fall and how many wounds I have to bear
I refuse to believe that life is never fair