Kendrick LamarSkill Still Appeal

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]

Kendrick Lamar
Ha ha haha HA

This feels like, right in front of the freeway
And when I'm done this should be in front of a DJ
I watch whack rappers put their soul on Ebay
To expect excellence knowing their effortless
I don't have a preference, I dislike all
Say you run the globe? Well more like a disco ball
I spread love as well
Little nigga, big dreams, can bear-hug a whale into a lobster's tail
Evacuate premises, rap's sinister suspicious (?)
The pastor stand back, the bible is open, the words have been spoken
The moon and the stars align with the bars
The broads are snapping their bras in broad day
Cops meeting their quota running for arcades
The three initial's on the pistols printed all K's
The end is almost near, inferior of nothing
Superior is an option and my synopsis is that I'm Frank Sinatra
On the roster, top running
Running races with my own shadow
Look in the mirror then I start to battle
A pyru is a crip, nah a pyru's just a value that is sure to be heard (?)
Like a fuckin sheep's cattle, niggas got some nerve
Talkin bout they move birds
Only thing I move now is a noun and a verb
I am now on the verge of telling the real story
Of a Compton native in the city "that kill for me"
Cus you fabricated the realness
The county building and the county children on food stamps
Grew up firing street cred, talkin about "whoop whamp"
But that's never the case
Just a good lawyer who can sever the case
Recording live from the city where the skinny niggas die and the semi bullets fly
Drinking Remy out bottle till the pain run dry
Like a desert
Once the Desert Eagle ride by, what you reppin?
What you reppin my nigga, you got a weapon?
Well I got a profession my nigga
It's called hip-hop since Pac was on gridlock
Me against the world every hour, every second my nigga
You want something, get something
I could start a career AND I can end one, I'm H1N1
Straight A student who flow stupid
Real raps get permanent income, UGH

Beats and bars
Kendrick Lamar
Maestro whattup?

Ha ha hahaLL