Ya BoyRain Man (Strip Club Anthem)

Hey everbody say mr.rain man can we have rainy day?
Bring an umbrella please bring an umbrella ella ella ella

Grab your raincoat lose your shorts honey
I predict a very very big storm coming
The clouds is getting dark
The Mazaradi parked
Rainman hops out and the drizzle starts
Red thong bouncing when she do her thang
That's when the drizzle starts turning to a light rain
Baby thicker than a snicker in that fare rain
She asked me if I wanna kick it like Lui Kang
I told her only if her girlfriend gon' do the same
Girl I'm a turn this whole club to a hurricane
So you better move fast baby grab yo thangs
She said that money get her high like mary jane
Scuse' me pocahontas they just caught your name
And make that thong disappear like david Blaine
You make saturday night live like david spade
Umbrella's out girl it's about to rain

And know what I'm about I bring them rain-clouds
I make em throw it back I make them walk it out
Clear high-heels body rollin like a pill
Them dollar bills make em drop like a fire drill
Yea, I got a whole pocket full of stacks
Feelin like Santa with a grown woman on my lap
Ooh she got that body on me
And I swear it feels like we fuckin low key
Yea, long hair and she don't care
That she walkin round bare underwear over there
They comin out by the tool shakin derriere
Simple pair and all of them tryin meet a millionaire
I told shawty that I'm eatin like silverware
So take that top off girl ain't no children here
Keep em dancin all day and I feel your pain
Umbrella's out girl it's about to rain

I'm a throw a stack girl throw it back
I want kush and a lil bit of cognac
Give it to me give it to me girl like owe me that
Yea I'm a throw a stack mama throw it back