7 Years Bad LuckNot To Keep

You died at 7 in the morning a falling star up in the sky
another fading memory reflecting in my eyes

We had way too much to drink that night
so I took the words out of your mouth and said

You'll be gone by summer
I'll think about the times I'll never have with you
and I'll be left here waiting for you to come around
I'll hold your letters close you'll grab onto your gun

No sleeping no whispers
I sat up straight to take your hand and said:
“Just sail on my sailor, you'll always find me in the sunset”

So you were gone by summer
I'm thinking about the times I'll never have with you
you're everything I ever wanted
you're brighter than the sweetest sunny day
I'm lying in the shadows of an oak tree
the wind upon my skin
the sun is useless without you

Another raindrop onto your grave
I see the letters and the numbers the flowers that are withering away

They whisper: “he's not to keep now close your eyes and feel his heartbeat,
he'll always be there for you, just close your eyes and feel his heart before it's gone.”