Baba BrinkmanHypothesis 2 (Spiritualism)

Evolution is a beautiful, unifying vision
But when science gets too ambitious, it shades into "scientism"
If you take the time to listen to enlightened mystics
Like the Dalai Llama, you'll see, there's other kinds of wisdom
What can Darwin teach me about the transcendental experiences
I've found through meditation, or the boundless mysteriousness
Of existence? What? That I'm just delirious
And it's just an illusion that corresponds to certain neurological areas?
C'mon, let's be serious; it's not all in the cerebellum!
Human nature has a physical level, and a spirit level
And the transcendent is imminent in the material - it's very subtle
But it's a theory for which science has no clear rebuttal
Consciousness came before matter, not vice versa, and it's
Only through love and compassion that the spirit side emerges
And rappers are channeling that spirit when they recite their verses
But all the sex and violence, well, that's biological urges