I Am NationThe American Dream

Perfection is an ugly sight
i'll never wish for only blue skies
or pretty white clouds to drift on by
tell me why do we lie

i never want a clean-- cut green lawn
with a perfect picket fence to walk along
painted with-- thick white paste
without a trace-- of specific taste


society has brainwashed me
to believe we'll never achieve our dreams
We used to call it
i thought we were through with kings and queens
but you're going nowhere without a team
oh yeah we used to call it the american dream

why wake up to singing birds
when others want a chance to be heard?
if i was a fox, the rooster would know it's place
by dawn, feathers'd hold my gaze

cookie cutter houses lined upon my street
forming gridlines inhumanely neat
wheres my house
theyre all the same
this is such a stupid game



the sun will shine on sundays
flowers bloom in may
birds and bees glide happily
but heres the reality

someone lives in poverty
as one lives in wealth
someone gains a victory
one loses health

the ashes of foundation
lay all scattered about
while we're all left so empty
as we struggle to figure out

American Dream
American Dream