Valley Of ChromeUndefeated

The years have passed and yet we still remain.
The victory in our hands and the honor we proclaim.

They have tried to take us down but we took it all in stride.
Their defeat has buried them alive.
All wounds and scars earned from a life of war.
Through fire and rain we survived.

This barren land is our home. Our pasts declare we're not alone.
Forgotten. Forsaken. Your hand in mine.
Forged from the flames we're marching on.

The gates of hell we're opened-the beginning of the end.
Inferior they fell one by one. Amidst the threatening skies.
Vultures signal their demise. Unscathed. The strength of a thousand suns.

We have reinforced the flames.
No one can stand in our way.

Our lives. Our time.
Defiant we shall stand.
Our lives. Our time.

We are the champions of new blood running strong.
They're bound to lose, they knew that all along.
Never cower the faith that we defend.
(We'll tear) Their world apart.
Triumphant we shall stand.

I am undefeated.
You are undefeated.
We are undefeated.
Forever-the undefeated.