98 MuteInjection

We've got an answer to any problem you've got
Variety pack of powders and pills
Try a child's portion, what have you got to lose
Nothing except your free will

We've got the cure, we've got the solution
Something to help you get by
Hold still you might feel a little prick
A small price to pay to stay alive

We'll get you high, high as the sky
Won't even notice that you have died
We'll get you hight, we will get you high
We're on a quest to get you high

Cocaine, heroine, crystal methamphetamine
Wash it all down with demoral
Till you fall
Inhale, inject, swallow, ingest
Till you feel nothing at all
No worries, No pain
We're gonna get you high
No suffering, no more fear
We're on a quest, we'll get you high
We'll get you high