7 Years Bad LuckAll I Know

when things fall apart in the blink of an eye
you better relax and watch it all go down
I get out some change for the man on the street
he grabs my hand and would not let go
"you wanna make it son,
you really have to stop pretending"
I say "thank you sir" and pour down another drink
"it doesn't matter what people think of you
it's all about what makes you lose your mind"

all I know is that I want you around

come on take a good look at the back of my eyes
I‘ve heard it before so I will not hear it again
and maybe they're right tomorrow is another day
until then if you don't care I don't care
when the air is filled

with all their stupid new year's resolutions
I just cannot help it but have another drink
because if the world is coming to an end tonight
at least I'm gonna be there next to you
because all I know is that I want you around
but we all know they never got the chance
to come to terms with it
they did not make it past their favorite tree
and he kissed her one last time
and the car went up in flames
so you just can't stop believing
no you cannot stop believing