E Town ConcreteShaydee

Hard times build character or so I'm told
They teach you lessons worth your weight in gold
And I've been shown things happen for a reason
Yo, this goes out to all ya'll shaydee bitches

Thinkin' we owe you somethin', we don't owe you shit, bitch
That's just how it is, I know your kind
You want one thing, the gusto, keep it in mind
What up chief? You is a shifty thief with shady eyes
Play the role like a tough guy

You need a Grammy, it's whack, smile to my face
Talk behind my back, in fact when I'm around you be riding my sac
Your shit is played out, try and use me to get your name out
So you can stay out, cash in the fame, no doubt

I ain't stupid, I know what you is about, son
Gettin' that clout done so you can attract a bigger crowd done
Yeah, you is a foul, one always preaching, keepin' it real
When you is a fake bitch handing out raw deals

Your shit is too sloppy to have appeal
Your style is too clichÃ(C) for masses to feel
You is a shady jealous bitch, try and play me to get rich
Fit in my niche, taking part of my chips

Yo, that's my shit, stop trying to steal my show
E. Town, this goes out to my peeps up in the crowd
This goes out to my niggas gettin' wild
This goes out to the kids that is representin'

This goes out to tough guys teaching lessons
This goes out to those that are true
This goes out to you