A-waxBefore You Go

Now would you want me if I was your fan?
Would you wanna be wit me if I was your man?
Would you wanna be wit me if I was Bobby B.?
Would you put your daisy dukes on my Ducati seat?
If my
If my stats wasn't climbin'
Say my raps wasn't rhymin'
And I'm not wearin' diamonds when we first meet
Do what ever take place
Do we first meet where we first met?
I don't see you in your Louie purse yet
What kind of woman give her number to a man wit a due rag on?
I'm trynna see what's underneath of what you got on
You still wit it?

Before you go can I talk to you?
Maybe light a back wood, walk wit you?
I mean talk about a misconception girl
Gold digging' off in this direction
Is you out of your mind?

She only out to burden me up
I'm in a rubile Porsche wit the burgundy guts
And yet her mink matchin'
Think pass it if you want to proceed
Let me know just what you want from me
Get it out of me
Will I buy you a Lexus?
Will you earn it will you drive it through Texas?
I suppose I could buy that ring
I mean you did agree to fly that thing
Before you leave I gotta talk to you
Run it all down, wanna walk you through
You know it'd mean a lot to me
I knew you'd understand
Game is no surprise when you said you knew the plan

Before I go I wanna clear this up
I never really meant to try to give this up
And if you truly wanna take a chance on me
Empty the purse and pull the money out your pants for me
But before you do I wanna let you know
You ever go against the grain I'm gonna let you go
What the deal you down to ride wit me?
Or will I see you in my rearview, waive goodbye to me?