7 Years Bad LuckThe Fever

I got myself pocket full of questions
deep down in the shadows of the night
no creepy crawl would go that far
I found myself at ease today with the thorn in my side
with a bag full of broken dreams
knowing I'll always find back home to the ranch

Because I felt lost without your answers
and all the questions had been lost along the way
we never stopped to smell the roses or look around
we always let the sunrise scare us out of town

Cause I can’t feel the fever like everyone around
with my seat stuck in the corner of the bar
as you crave for attention, a firefly at night
all your dreams are tossed come morning lights
you’re camouflaged, you’re in disguise again

You're paralysed and I'm not moving
evicted from this place called home
we’re trapped in this hell of a storm
pushing snow in my face
we’ll be safe at the cabin
we’ll be singing with grace
but I’ll always trace our footsteps back to the ranch

Cause I can’t fight the fever of everything around
with my ears so full of shit talk at the bar
until we fight our way through the big tough city
through old memories buried deep down our throats
we’ll be listening to this man who keeps on singing:

“May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung
may you stay forever young, no damage done”