C NoteBaja Panties

Oh Este Ritmo Es Para Bajar Panties
Show Me That You Really Want Me
Mami Bajate Los Panties

If You Really Feel This Sound
Let Me See You Break It Down
Come On Baby Turn Around
I Wanna Watch You Work It
If You Wanna Come And Play
Then I Gotta Bring My Game
We Can Do This All Day
This Is No Ordinary Crush
Cause This Is The Perfect Time
To Try To Make You Mine
Damn Girl You're Lookin Fine
Because You Make Me Wanna Touch
Come On Baby Let Me See
Yo Te Enseno Si Me Ensenas A Mi
Ay No Seas Asi
Ven Bajate Los Panties

This Rythms Aphrodisi
It's Makin You Go Crazy
Don't Worry Bring It Back
Cause I'm Equipped To Handle That
You're Killin Me With Your Sex Appeal
I'll Be You Love Fulfilled
Caliente Me Tienes A Mi
Dejame Ser Yo Tu Fantasy
Let The Beat Control The Chills
Bend Your Body From Head To Toe
No Pienses En Nada Mas
Just Go With The Flow
Cause You Know I Like That
So Don't Even Try To Act
Like We Both Don't Feel This Mutually
Ven Bajate Los Panties

I See Now That You Want Me
El Ritmo Te Tiene Sudandome
And I'm Seein You Got A Body
Yo Tengo Lo Que Tu Cuerpo Quieres
The Rhythm Has Got You Goin Loca
The Rhythm Has Got You Goin Loca
You're Makin Me Really Wanna Tocar
Loca Tocar Loca Tocar