Ariana GrandeHoneymoon Avenue (AGO)(Live Chat)
Looked in my rear view mirror and it seemed to make a lot more sense
than what i see ahead of us ahead of us ehhh
Mmm I'm ready to make that turn before we both crash and burn
cause that would be the death of us the death of us baby you know how to drive
in rain
and you decided not to make a change stuck in the same ol lane
goin the wrong way home
i feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic im under pressure
cuz i cant have u
the way that i want lets just go back to the way it was
when we were on honeymoon avenue honeymoon avenue baby
coastin like crazy can we get back to the way it was
hey what happened to the butterflies guess they encountered that stop sign
and my heart is at a yellow light a yellow light
ayyy right when i think that we found it that's when we start turnin around
u sayin baby don worry but we still goin the wrong way baby u no how
to drive in rain n u decided not to make a change
(chrus blah blah honeymoon blah)
they say only fools fall in love well they musta been talkin bout us
sometimes i feel like we been here before
i could be wrong but i know im right
we gon be lost if we continue to fight hunny i know
we can find our way home (chorus)