C-murderBe Fresh

Come on, gotta stay sharp home*
You know
That's dat dirty doe boy money boy, holla at ya boy

Detroit: I just got paid today, so you know I am going out tonight
I got me a brand new fit with a fresh pair of G Nikes
Man I gotta be fresh, I am gonna be fresh man I gonna be fresh
Every body so fresh, man I gotta be fresh
Shorty said she worked hard today, so she had to come out tonight
She gotta on Juicy Courtier Jean and they fitting on her body so right
Shorty looking so fresh shorty looking so fresh
Everybody so fresh.I am feeling so fresh

[Verse 1:]
Check it shorty
Just left the block, but you know a block boy can't really stop (No Can't Stop)
All the money I got I am gonna put it on the side
But you no I am gonna shine
I am hit the mall with a big knot hopping a big drop top
Tall Big knots in the pockets like four socks pulling out more jock
More drops gotta watch for the?
I am clean yeah you know me a veteran in the hood stand up old G
Low key oh (did I say low key) more keys in than boss in OC
More cheese in the weed in the indes
So I shop in Veliec overs seas
My wrist ain't froze they freeze
So cold they might bring Berry to her Knees

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
I see shorty see me, so I see if Shorty wanna be with me (holla)
So I stepped to her after the party (Come On) pulling her ain't really hard B
Just take it from me
Everything about me says cake from the streets
Think she flip what I make in week, probably Goon but he fake in the street
Probably gotta man but I am jacking him (come on)
And if she ever planed I am act on them
If see floors I am gonna crack on them
To test her heart, to react on him
Can you dance ma what's your name
Can you give brains like your going insane (Yeah)
Can you keep a secret I am true to the game
It's just my like shorty straight out lame

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 3:]
Yeah I got the Cardia watch, with the Cardia specs and the Cardia shades
And other pair of G Knotts sold in the store plus every pair of Ed Hardy that was made
Plus my Tru shoes, they made for them boyz that be breaking the news
You can fake with your crews, but you make it chose
If your late or your snooze, I am gonna drap you in blues
In my state I am fool
Black on Black Louis knapsack, fresh out the pack
You can't car jack (what)
We strapped in the Lac (what) we never give dap, to the homees who rate
Invade my flat
Camers out back, security room with those hammers on strap
Yes I am serious, I move like a cat
Plus everything match, because I am fresh like that (yeah)

[Repeat Chorus:]

Come on man, Doe boy
Ricky Ross
(Fresh) Holla shorty
Tru Records That's how we doing it home, you heard me
Stay clean stay sharp, I ain't never had a job
What's good with ya 2 Deep music man, we thuged out to the bone
H tell'em man
Holla at ya boy, Tru Records man yeah