J. ColeBe Freestyle

Cole world cold blooded
trapping n*ggas at my shows and the hoes love it
backpacking n*ggas with the afros love it so
don't holler at a n*gga if you got no budget
trying to get my braid up, nope, not talking cornrows
trying to get my grades up, oh, look how my score rose
playing Jigga hits, he said "Good make more of those"
Cole got deliver bitch, you got digiornos
they fucking with me cause I'm real as shit
well if you feel this shit, here goes some realer shit
I signed a big deal and went to the dealership
mannn they took one look at my credit and said forget it
now I'm on this train with a mil to my name
ain't shit change cause i still feel the pain
like a gym or a rim dog, I'm built for the game
something like a pimp cause I'm still with the 'caine
unh a little drug dealer reference what, I can't try
these n*ggas out here lying why can't I
flashbacks with my teacher told me i can't fly
then look at a n*gga crazy just cause I say why
now look, no wings but I'm flier then the birds
co-signer on a beamer, but its whiter than the burbs
something like a genius but man I done been a nerd
just to tutor bad bitches while admiring the curves
that might have been a noun, or that might have been a verb
but I'm just trying to find what you're hiding in that skirt
ay Cole got her coming now he might have been the first
so she only fuck with him like a choir in a church,
good god mama told me get a good job,
be a doctor or a lawyer if ya black they won't employ ya
well n*gga I'ma show you this that Jesse Jackson,
Uh frimative action so master I'm taxing uh,
don't let the cover fool ya bitch I ain't no freshman
in my own class man I write my own passes
I hear the shots fire yea i see the stones casted uh,
my shits already fire don't gas it
n*ggas hear my album say it sound like a classic
n*ggas say your album might not even see the plastic, bastard
how you going match with a n*gga who done mastered the shit that you goin practice
catch this, uh, a ville n*gga til the date of my casket
put on for my city like my favorite jacket
mann you going wear that every goddamn night
know what I paid for this shit bitch you goddamn right, n*gga