Nicki MinajBadman

i hate it when ever body is scared of the badman coz hes scary,but deep down hes about as hard as a fairy,ill rape his mum if her fannys not to hairy,and shes a muddafucking virgin like mary,

soon ssimon cowell will be signing me a petition,
to be number one in the world is my ambition,
i guess i can do it its my decision,

soon ill be the fucking talk off the town,im the muddafuknig king so wheres my muddafuknig crown,
ill sell more records then jay sean -down,

my lyricks will get read more then a nursery full of kids reading noahs ark,
you might be a pittbull but im a fucking shark,
ill drop bombs like a taliban in iraq,

yeah im gonna doit ill walk the walk and ill talk the talk,
ill eat you like a cannabis stalk,
you may be black but im as white as chalk

im only 14 and writing my bars in school,everybody nos me as tom robbo the kid whos cool,
im gonna batter oli williams whatta fucking fool,sayin i was the one who took a knife when he was the one who clearly broguht a tool,