Baba BrinkmanEpilogue

The end is near

So let me just take a second to be serious
Reading is silent; a record delivers an experience
I've been reciting irreverent lyrics set to compositions
By Mr. Simmonds for like sixty minutes - thanks for listening
I hope you found it surprisingly pleasing
But if so, be advised: I'm not the reason
I'm just a vessel for the original author
Most of the credit should go to Geoffrey Chaucer
He dropped me off at the House of Fame; I just knocked
And the Game taught me not to be ashamed to name-drop
So I confess, I'm an amalgamation of lots of styles
From Steven Pinker to Big Pun, Nas to Oscar Wilde
So I am sincere when I say this
All praises should go to my reading lists, and my playlists
But if anything I had to say gave you displeasure
I will take all the blame; I should have phrased it better
If I tell a couple stories and it leaves someone angry
That's because of a default in my understanding
Don't get me wrong; I meant to be provocative
It's part of my job description when I'm droppin' hip-hop lyrics
But I'm not trying to leave anyone actively furious
I just wanna leave people intellectually curious
You know, in a mischievous sort of way
That's all - there is no more to say