Valley Of ChromeHell Within / Hope Springs Eternal (Damnation in 2 Chapters)

No lights, all dark in a shell
Am I the damned?

Destination hell desperate. Desperate-blaming the heavens for sins I have conjured.
Nothing more sadder than than a man assembling his own grave.
Organize my own funeral-I shall not be saved.

Blackened beings wrapping 'round my soul.
All these demons want me. They needed another.
They try to take away my loved ones-behead them in my nightmares.
I close my eyes and proclaim that all is done.

Where are my angels? My saviour? Please take away my pain.
Is this water or blood? Please make the heavens rain.
Are we cursed? Punishing the bloodline? Mine?

I've tasted venom in her mouth. It poisoned me.
I've consumed the temptress in her entirety.

And now And now I've embraced hell like moth to the flames.
I've chased happiness played her deadly games.
Not knowing that she was my downfall.
Her angel-like voice had a demonic drawl.

"You are mine. Welcome to your second home.
Bloodied floors. You will come and crawl."

Spare me from your reach that promises eternal death I was victimized.
My face full of blood. Scars and spit.

"You have succumbed to your desires.
I hold your kind close to me.
Suffer now my slave.
Suffer eternally."

I. I am the condemned. Forever I am damned to rot and burn.
It's not yet my turn.

Hope is eternal.
Hell is eternal.

Wash away the sins of the past of the days gone by.
We are all going nowhere fast.
Now it's my time to die.


Time, you're running out of time.
You're wasting your lives and your souls away.
But soon you'll have to pay.

Light, a shining ray of light.
That may be from below or the above.
Let hope be eternal.