Baader MeinhofBack on the Farm

I was the first - back on the farm
Possibility and me
Well he took a leaf he lives and dies by his deed
And the kids - he politicized
This is the Holger Meins Commando
He was my brother I'll do anything for him
Back on the farm
If there's a shadow of a doubt on this route
Back on the nazz
Out with the lash
There's a realm of possibilities
Back on the farm, back on the farm
With you holy handle your mantrap mantra
Your anti aircraft alarm
Your spineless mass and your spineless man
This is the hate socialist collective
- all mental health corrected

You've inherited your mother's worst side
If the pressures too much you can lean on me
But it's not your concern
And you need not hide
And the children
Be politicized
This is the Petra Schelm commando
She was my sister