Nicki MinajDreams

As i sit back relax crack jokes for a mintue
I think about the up & comers that could probably get

{Verse 1}
I might go to jail for fuckin with Hell Rell
If he get Ill & Pull On My ponytails
I heard Mano life is like a movie
set up the cameras fuck him in the jacuzzi
Freaky Zeke that should be easy
He just came home I know he wanna bone
But what about J.R Writer, Im'a Skill Him
& when I ra ra Ride Him Im'a grill him
The nigga Pap he might could fuck me
But I aint tryna Be drip Drippin a Gino green
Tell stacks to bring the black card up
But if I fuck him would he would he yell squad up!
Tell Rich Boy to send me a pink toy
Throw some d's on it & im might breathe on it
& when Im Philly I gotta Fuck Gilly
Snacth his big max & slap a bitch silly

Dreams of fuckin a rap rap dude
Im just playin but Im sayin

{Verse 2}
Put it in half way Red Cafe
put the pussy on his freckles
haha that tickles
Uncle Murda could bring the handcuffs
why is that,I gotta watch out gotta get a rough neck
As for gravy he might could beat
You know them fat niggas love to eat
& when I want a Nicki Minaj who could it be
Its them Yung Gunaz Chris & Lil Neefe
Nicki what about Fendi he made you pop
Tell him to kick rocks or give me some top
Im on my way to jers to break Ransom off
Qinch his thirst when my pants come off
Murda Mook & Miles gone have to battle
scoop whoever win & tell him to scadattle
Run up on Mims he could give me backshots
this is why, this is why, this why Im hot

Dreams of fuckin a rap rap dude
Im just playin but im sayin