7 Blue SkiesCheater

Look behind, see my shadow
It's telling me to run away
Sit and sigh, wondering why
Is it me that wants to stay
Do I belong here, something is wrong here
Trapped in this prison by myself
How can I hide this, I cannot fight this
When I don't talk to anyone else

I'm not what I used to be
Failing is not a part of me
Living out my wildest dreams
'Til you know I'm not complete
Never there

It's so weak, living this way
Why bother getting out of bed
Do I tell, what can I say
Free this torture from my head
In the morning, so much mourning
Stacking high and piling up
Knock it all down, fall to the ground
That is the only way to know

How can these answers form questions
They formulate the suggestions
But they do not really solve a thing