Jon PardiEmpty Beer Cans

Yeah, this time it's it, I'm callin' it quits
I'm not turnin' her on anymore
She packed up the same ol' stuff
And slammed the same ol' door
And I said, goodbye
She said, to hell with you

She'll be shocked when I change the locks
And throw pictures in a box
Light 'em up in the backyard
Have myself a bonfire
And watch that son of a bitch burn away
To the ground
Just like everything

That's just what you do
When you're at the bottom
It sure could drain a man
About as empty as these beer cans

If you ask me why I took her back
The last half dozen times
I'd tell you that I don't know
But I must've been outta my mind
But the end is here
It's a little fuzzy
But I see it clear

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I'm gonna put in work
I'll tough it out
And I'll be alright and live it up
The powers in my hand
And the answer's in these beer cans, yeah

Repeat Chorus

As empty as these beer cans
Oh, I'm a little drunk
But things are lookin' up
Yeah, with all these empty beer cans
Aw better clean 'em up
Oh, that's all I know

Repeat Chorus